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Housekeeping Management

Housekeeping Management

Housekeeping is an integral part of every facility management solution and we offer you unparalleled services in the industry covering every aspect of housekeeping. Our solutions are not limited and are holistic in nature in ensuring that you do not have to look further than us for housekeeping management.

From cleaning your floors to keeping the furniture sparkling, we handle everything with integrity and diligence. We have trained staff dedicated to providing you with specialized services in cleaning your facility and knowledge in different cleaning technologies. We ensure the right cleaning methodology is followed and a protocol is in place backed up by intense training to make sure that you have a healthy environment to work in.

What can we do for you?

The housekeeping management solutions that we offer are a holistic combination of all things that you need for a healthier, cleaner and safer environment. As part of the services, we offer you with,

  • Plumbing maintenance and repair, Electrician services and also staff to work as DG operators.
  • Cleaning of the work area, including the desktop spaces.
  • Cleaning washrooms which involves deep cleaning and sanitizing where required with the best cleaning agents.
  • Cleaning common area for keeping the ambience perfect always.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of the furniture, which includes vacuuming the sofas and shampooing the linen as required keeping the perfect clean environment.
  • Cleaning cafeteria to ensure a healthy eating environment.
  • Utility room cleaning and also cleaning of server rooms.
  • Cleaning all the restricted areas taking care of the protocols to be followed without compromising on the security of the premises.
  • Cleaning driveways and parking areas.
  • Cleaning the carpet through vacuuming or shampooing as required. We also clean the sofas, chairs and blinds.
  • Disinfecting the premises and also polishing it to make the entire environment amiable.

And there are more! With our team at work, you can be rest assured that you are in expert hands.

What makes us different?

  • Every area in your facility requires a different treatment like mopping, dusting, etc. and different cleaning materials depending on the area to be cleaned. We understand these requirements and make sure that we pay utmost attention to every detail as we work through your facility.
  • Our team has the knowledge on the cleaning methodologies and the cleaning solutions to be used for different surfaces including granite, stone, tiles and marbles. We are quite efficient in providing special attention to specific areas ensuring that your place is completely free of germs and it sparkles like new.
  • The most important aspect which differentiates us from others is the fact that we pay extra attention to the maintenance. We do not let the dirt accumulate to get rid of it. We believe in doing things right at the first time and we do it regularly. We have scheduled maintenance checks to keep constant check of your environment and keep it clean always.
  • We make use of the best machines like the floor scrubbers and polishing machines and buffing machines to make sure that the work is carried out in an orderly fashion with no margin for errors.