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Horticulture Management

Horticulture Management

The landscape outside or inside your office adds as much essence as the décor. It has the ability to potentially attract your consumers and make for an appealing ambience. However if left unattended they might repel the customers and cause you unnecessary headache. At Vital Facility management we ensure that the landscaping and garden stays fresh and retains its appeal for the lifetime.

What can we do for you?

Our horticulture management services include multiple features like,

  • Development of landscapes and garden.
  • Maintenance of gardening and landscaping.
  • Plant arrangements- both indoors and outdoors.

Our team provides a holistic solution to all your horticultural needs, whether you are an established corporate house or a hospital or a hotel   or even an apartment building. We can help you plan a courtyard planting on your property to a large estate plantation.  Our team has professionally qualified and well equipped staffs to help maintain and develop landscaping that would complement your building and enhance the appearance of your facility.

Why should you trust us?

It is our constant endeavor to provide you with a service that will match your expectations.

  • Our staffs ensure that your lawns are not just well maintained, but the plants are maintained in such a way that they grow fast and provide your environment with a soothing experience, sooner than you hoped for.
  • We ensure that you have a landscape that matches with the design of your building and is tailor made for each customer’s location.
  • As part of our horticultural services, we ensure that your gardens stay fresh all day long and continue to stay true to the originally planned ambience
  • We offer care for both indoor and outdoor landscaping, potted plant arrangements by trained and well qualified professionals.
  • We offer you with both commercial and residential garden designing, installation, maintenance and rejuvenation services. A one stop for all your horticultural requirements.
  • We are even experienced in building the farmhouse or a green house that you have always dreamt of. We have had customers vouching to the efficiency of our staffs in designing and installing your dream farm house.
  • It is essential that your landscaping is done in accordance with the right proportions for it to work in terms of appeal. We help you identify what is best for you and ensure that you make an informed decision.
  • And we provide all this and much more at a price that will easily fit into your budget.

We will provide you with a team that is completely dedicated to your project. We work in a structured manner providing you with designs that will meet your expectations and work on the installation only post your approval.

We are well known for our pragmatic yet aesthetic solutions in landscaping. We do not just stop with designing and installing landscaping but we also help you to maintain it with proper care.

Let Vital facility management provide you the perfect landscape and ensure that you have the best care for your plants all through the year!